Weighting Agents

HAMILTON weighting agents are high - in specific gravity and are finely divided solid materials used to increase the density of a drilling mud. Barite, a dense mineral is the most common. Hematite which is a more dense material with a specific gravity of 5.05g/cm3, and API/150 Specification. Calcium carbonate, specific gravity 2.7 to 2.8 used more for its acid solubility than for density is also a dense mineral known to cause problems by dissolving in the mud at high pH so this can be made adjustable to fit the drilling operations that occur when the various minerals are dissolved into the mud. Ilmenite, specific gravity is also one of our weighting agents. 

DescriptionPacking SizeComments
Barium sulphate (barite)- API quality - -
Barium sulphate (barite)-Specified/local quality - Bulk Bag
Hematite 1.5 MT -
Hematite Sack -
Ilmenite MT -
Sized calcium carbonate 1.0 MT Bulk Bag
Sized calcium carbonate Sack -
Sized sodium chloride MT Bulk Bag
Sized sodium chloride 22.7kg -