Pipe Freeing and Spotting Additives

Oil-base mud is the traditional stuck-pipe spotting fluid. The speed used in mixing and placing the spot is of primary importance to successfully freeing pipes. Due to Hamilton's policy on safety and concern about mud disposal, spots used offshore are either synthetic-based emulsions or benign water-base formulations. Each type is supplied as prepackaged concentrate designed for rapid access and mixing at the rig. A spot frees pipe by covering the stuck region. It presumably breaks up the filter cake, allowing the spot to migrate into cracks in the cake and between the pipe and the cake, reducing the stuck area and allowing the pipe to be pulled free. 

DescriptionPacking SizeComments
Non ionic surfactant (preventing BHA/bit balling) 208 ltr drum -
Koplus LL - -
Non toxic - Pipe Release Agent 208 ltr -