Hamilton Defoamers include defoamers for brine, defoamers for silicone and defoamers for water based mud. Defoamers are mud additives used to lower interfacial tension so that trapped gas will readily escape from mud. Mechanical degassing equipment is commonly used along with the defoamer. Octyl alcohol, aluminum stearate, various glycols, silicones and sulfonated hydrocarbons are also used as defoamers. 

DescriptionPacking SizeComments
Defoam for WBM/Brine- Env. 208 ltr -
Defoamer for brine 208 ltr -
Defoamer for Thixsal-Plus system 208 ltr -
Defoamer for WBM 208 ltr -
Silicone Defoamer 208 ltr -