Defloculants, Thinners and Filtration Control Additives

These are thinning agents to reduce viscosity or to prevent flocculation. Most deflocculants have low-molecular weight that neutralize positive charges on clay edges during drilling. These include polyphosphates, lignosulfonates, quebracho and various water-soluble synthetic polymers. At Hamilton, we have the following products for mud control solutions. 

DescriptionPacking SizeComments
Ferro lignosulfonate-Chrome free 25 kg bag -
Co-polymer deflocculant liquid 25 kg pail -
Co-polymer deflocculant powder 25 kg bag -
High temperature thinner 25 kg bag -
Iron calcium lignosulphonate - -
Modified lignite 25 kg bag -
Modified tannin-Chrome Free 11.34 kg -
Polyanionic resin 25 kg bag -
Synthetic polymer 25 kg bag -