Corrosion Inhibitor and Scavengers

Corrosion inhibitors generally are mixed with the treatment fluid and are formulated to be effective in protecting the metal components the fluid is likely to contact. Hamilton chemical additives are used in acid treatments to protect iron and steel components in the wellbore and treating equipment from the corrosive treating fluid. This protection must remain effective under the anticipated pressure and temperature environment for the duration of the treatment. 

DescriptionPacking SizeComments
Alkyl phosphate ester 208 ltr -
Ammonium, sulphite, amine - -
Corrosion Inhibitor 208 ltr -
Corrosion Inhibitor for brine 208 ltr -
Environmental safe corr.inhibitor 208 ltr -
H2S-Scavanger 25 kg bag -
Drill pipe corrosion inhibitor (spray on) 208 ltr -
High temp. Corr. Inhibitor 208 ltr -
Ironite Sponge - -
Oxygen Scavanger 208 ltr -
Sodium bisulphite solution 25 kg bag -
Zinc Oxide 25 kg bag -